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5 Qualities Girls Find Irresistible In Guys

Men usually think it needs real magic to impress a woman. As a result, most of them end up over complicating something that must have been far easier all long. This guides to increased distraction, bizarre moments, and eventually dissatisfaction. As it turns out, women are hardly every attached to anything that overly fancy & impractical; in fact, you will astounded to know what a little personality & other attainable qualities can do. We asked one of the best escorts in Houston about the things that every woman find irresistible regarding men. Here is what she has to say:

Real sense of humor:

Nobody in the world would like to be attracted to a dry personality! You don’t need to be the next Eddie Murphy but spewing out the occasional line can truly stimulate a woman’s funny bone. Have you ever pondered why women love comedians? A guy with an excellent sense of humor is the dream of most women.

Great Hygiene:

Guys, this is a tricky one! A girl will be definitely drawn towards you seeing you sweating at the gym, however, if you wish she jump on you, make sure your cleanliness is at its very best; otherwise they’ll only admire you from a distance.

Great self-confidence:

Self-confidence shows you’re comfortable in your own skin. Positive energy and confidence is infectious, and have a great impact on those around you. There’s nothing sexier than a guy who uplift others effortlessly. Our Houston escorts also like to date confident men.


Girls find dominant guys very irresistible as well. No girl wishes a mama’s boy; they all need a real man who can stand tall with them. She wants a guy who knows what he wants & also goes for it. Being dominant does not mean you have to be aggressive towards your lady. A guy who’s solid but also soft is a guy that is alluring to girls. For your knowledge women like to be dominated in the bed as well.


Being a man isn’t the same as being manly. Women like a down-to-earth, compelling personality just as much. Be friendly & let them know that you aren’t always about business, which in result lets them really attach with you on several different levels.

So, guys keep these points in mind and you will definitely grab at least a few girls’ attention if not more. Best of luck!

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