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Top 3 Bars To Enjoy Great Foods, Drinks & Classic Board Games In Houston, TX

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Remember those family game nights when everybody would horde up around the dinner table to play board games & spend time together? As our society has become more prominent to technology, forms of entertainment such as board games have become tougher to come by. However, there’re quite a few venues in Houston, TX that are keeping board games alive. Listed below are a few top bars to relish food, drinks and a bunch of fascinating board games with your Houston escort:

Kung Fu Saloon:


Placed in The Heights on Washington Avenue, Kung Fu Saloon is your one-stop bar for foods, brews and not to say fascinating board games. This venue has casual yet relaxed ambiance that features a mixture of vintage decoration. This is one of the most unique bars in Houston since it has a wide range of free-to-play vintage arcade games & board games accessible to patrons. Drinks at this venue include a big collection of beer on tap and also a unique Sake bomb menu for more adventurous drinkers. Appetizers encompass cheeseburger egg rolls & beer tattered onion rings or if you’re in the mood for something heavier, the venue also provide a selection of chicken wings and ‘BYOM’ or build your own masterpiece. You get to select your own ‘BYOM’ experience by choosing your bun, protein (from hamburgers to chicken), and other add-ons.

Canyon Creek Café:


Featuring a welcoming neighborhood ambiance, Canyon Creek Café serves up Hill Country style in Houston. Once an old pool hall, this bar is now a haven for beer enthusiasts and board game lovers. The bar has a 30 tap wall draft of beer that encompasses several local & craft beers and also a great collection of signature cocktails & frozen drinks. Food at this bar includes salads, appetizers such as fried pickles & fresh guacamole, a collection of sandwiches, burger and hot dogs, and also Texas favorites such as wings & chicken fried steak. There are also great selections of board games to be enjoyed here. These games are absolutely free to use and provide a great way to spend time with your beautiful escort in Houston on a Friday night.

MKT Bar:


Offering a range of upscale foods and beverages in a contemporary yet spacious setting, MKT Bar is the most sophisticated addition to Phoenicia Specialty Foods. Besides a larger variety of foods and beverages, this bar also attracts couples for a fun game night on weekend. Here you can try games like ping pong, darts, foosball, or pick one of many retro board games for an evening of drinks, foods and fun. In fact, MKT Bar’s retro board games are accessible for customers to play at anytime.


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